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It’s a brave, new digital world we live in and if you don’t have an acute understanding of how to use the digital media tools available to build your business (or medical practice), then you’re unplugged. At Affluity Inc., it’s our job to untangle the digital media web, answer your questions and explain the unknowns. Once you have a clear understanding of all the parts and pieces and how each works individually and collectively, then we go to work in formulating and implementing a clear, concise and accountable digital media strategy.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, management, education, or training, we harness the power of digital technology and unleash the energy with a proven marketing methodology that generates quantifiable results, backed by real time information and analytics. Tell us where you’ve been in the past and where you are today, and we’ll launch you to exactly where you want to be tomorrow.

With our team of proactive and proven entrepreneurs, creative geniuses and front-line forward thinkers, we can propel your professional and personal Affluence with clarity and Acuity seldom seen in today’s transformational, e-business world. Whether you’re a fledgling start-up or a proven entity, when you need a fresh perspective from brainiacs who have a clear and objective perspective of today’s digital media landscape and tomorrows emerging trends, then turn to Affluity, Inc. Plug us in and get turned on!

Our Expertise

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Our Services

Our Flagship Brand

Patient Pending

Patient Pending® is the multi-touchpoint digital software application that directly connects with patients via e-mail and text messaging to professionally and discreetly, inform, educate and promote various products and services.

If you’re a product manufacturer that wants to increase product sales or a medical practice looking to shorten consultation times, improve staff efficiencies and practice profitability, take a few minutes to learn more about Patient Pending ®.


Scott Opfer

Scott Opfer

President  |  CO-Founder

As a self-described “serial entrepreneur “ with a relentless work ethic, Scott is a veteran marketing and business executive, setting the tone for the Affluity mission to help clients achieve the highest levels of success, by capitalizing on emerging digital technologies while harnessing the power of direct marketing initiatives. Prior to co-founding Affluity, Inc., Scott has launched numerous companies, including Opfer Communications, Inc., Amazing Inventions, MD Marketing (MDM) and Gourmet Flavors Group; registering a 28 year track record of success and more than $1 Billion in consumer product sales. With a Mass Communications degree and a Hall of Fame college football career on his resume, Scott is also a former TV sportscaster, college football commentator, coach and player.

Wes Dunn

Wes Dunn

CEO  |  CO-Founder

Wes is a seasoned senior executive and leader. With over 30 years of management, operations, sales and marketing experience, he has a proven track record of building, managing and growing small companies that quickly evolve into large profitable companies. During his career Wes has consistently created value, delivered growth and implemented new technology while successfully launching 4 start-up companies in healthcare, medical marketing, medical software, B2B and direct to consumer marketing. His passion for business and acute understanding of product branding and direct to consumer sales make him one of the most sought after professionals in business. Wes is a graduate from Missouri State University where he also played college basketball.

Our Philosophy

While building your business utilizing the universe of hi-tech digital media tools and techniques can be very complex, our bullet point business philosophy is “old school” incredibly simple.

  • Lead by example
  • Never Rush to failure
  • Never be outworked
  • Be a great listener, not a great talker
  • Short term pleasure leads to long term pain
  • Short term pain leads to long term pleasure
  • Tell the client what they need to know not what they want to hear
  • Rewards are earned, not entitled or accrued
  • Make money on the client's behalf never at the client's expense
  • Nothing outweighs honest and integrity. Nothing. Ever!

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